Customised work.

A-kwadraat is a social enterprise with more than 600 employees. Just like any other company, A-kwadraat offers many exciting career opportunities. We happily take the interests of employees into account. That’s the best recipe for personal growth.

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People with an occupational disability.

A-kwadraat offers meaningful work for people with an occupational disability. Some find their way through the VDAB (Flemish Service for Employment and Vocational Training). You can read below just how that works. Others contact us directly. We have a wide range of opportunities waiting just for them.

Recognition for custom work.

What used to be called a ‘sheltered workplace’ is now a ‘social enterprise’: we offer tailor-made work, in tune with the skills and capacities of people. This is meaningful, adapted and paid work. We’re going for it, together with you. Want to join us? You will need recognition from VDAB.

Don’t have recognition yet?
If you think you qualify, you can apply for recognition. You can do so in the workshop of the municipality you live in.

Do you have recognition?
VDAB lists our vacancies. Contact the workshop in your municipality. Tell them you are looking for a job in a social enterprise. The VDAB supervisor will tell you whether there is a suitable job at A-kwadraat. If that’s the case, they will contact us. We will then invite you for a job interview.

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No recognition for custom work.

Do you have a different educational disability?
A-kwadraat offers meaningful work tailored to your needs. We have a wide range of functions to suit you. Your personal development means a lot to us. Together, we will look at how you can grow in our company or find a place in the regular labour market.

You can work for us during an internship. Or you can apply directly.
Ready for a new job that offers challenges and perspectives?

Do you want to know more about working at A-kwadraat? Or do you need more information about the VDAB recognition?

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Guidance and support.

A-kwadraat attaches great importance to providing the correct framework for all employees. To create a safe work environment for employees with a work disability, A-kwadraat employs up to 90 supervisors. They give training and offer support where it’s needed most. They also provide all the necessary tools to make sure that everyone can perform his or her task. Mutual respect and an attitude of trust are the foundations of the relationships in the workplace.

There are also occasional vacancies for support services such as administration, accounting, communication, sales and finances.

Are you looking for a relevant job with a positive impact and plenty of personal development possibilities? Then have a look at our vacancies for supervisors and support staff.

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Student jobs.

Holiday work at A-kwadraat is always a good idea. Thanks to the unique character of a social enterprise, working for us is an enriching experience. And of course you earn some cash to spend when you go out, to go on that dream holiday or to save up for a first big purchase. Interested? Get in touch.

Aan de slag als jobstudent

Working at A-kwadraat is an enriching experience. It’s wonderful to see how everyone works together.

Want to work together?