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For wood suppliers, wood processors and wholesalers, A-kwadraat is an independent and reliable extension of the production process. We produce solid and semi-solid parquet, semi-finished products, plan facade and exterior wood, rework old batches and process local wood. We like to build lasting partnerships, but are also ready to deal with temporary peaks, make corrections or offer a tailor-made solution to extraordinary questions.

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Our expertise.

A-kwadraat has more than 35 years of experience in woodworking. We have the people, skills and infrastructure to produce high quality wood products, including the sustainable use of rare woods. We are also close to the raw material chain and have developed a broad international network over the years.

First and foremost, we are a parquet specialist. In our planing mill, the emphasis is on the production of solid and semi-solid parquet.

We also plan facade and exterior wood, including various types of facade cladding (Swedish rabat, blind nailing, long tooth), decking boards, sheet piling, skirting boards and door frames.

In our furniture workshop we produce semi-finished products, such as steps and table tops. The sawing, splitting and battens are done in our sawmill where we also rework various old materials so that they are ready for a second life.

Finally, we are always open to new ideas. Including the processing of local wood, the execution of special projects or restorations.

Short supply chain.

The timber market is very internationally oriented. Both from a logistics and from a sustainability point of view, it can mean added value to have a reliable partner in Belgium or - more broadly - in Western Europe. A-kwadraat would like to fulfill this role for international SMEs in the sector.

We would like to know our partners well and unburden them with our additional expertise. We are proud to co-realize your product.

A-kwadraat guarantees high-quality wood products Made in Belgium.

Sustainability first.

Wood remains the sustainable material of the future. A-kwadraat wants to contribute to the growth of the circular and sustainable wood segment. We regularly receive questions about processing residual wood into new products, upcycling waste wood, giving felled trees a second life. We try to answer such questions.



Ive Gevers is co-owner of YEPP, the Turnhout-based producer and distributor of parquet, laminate and vinyl flooring. A-kwadraat supports the production and takes care of the more complex customization. As managing director, Ive has contact with our business unit Wood several times a week.

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